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Eerie encounters in the Peak District

It’s the start of the spooky season – dare you explore the Peak District’s most eerie locations, by train?

The Longdendale Lights

Nearest station: Hadfield

The Longdendale Lights are a phenomenon said to haunt the moorland valley of Longdendale. The lights have been reported through the generations; once known as “the Devil’s Bonfires”, they are said to sometimes hover around the summit of Bleaklow, dance across the rocky hillsides, enter the cars of people driving along Woodhead Pass, or even light up the whole valley as brightly as daylight, in the middle of the night. 

Take the train to Hadfield and pick up the Longdendale Trail just a few minute’s walk from the station, to explore the valley. Click here for a suggested walking route (link to

Mermaid’s Pool, near Kinder Downfall

Nearest stations: Chinley and Edale

Mermaid’s Pool is a natural pool on the steep west hillside of Kinder Scout. As its name suggests, the pool is said to be guarded by a water spirit. Take care if you go searching for her – she is said to have a fickle nature and may either bless you with eternal life, or drag you under the water. She is said to be most visible on the Eave of Easter.

Mermaid’s Pool is a steep and challenging hike from either Chinley or Edale stations. It’s strongly recommended to be well prepared and take an OS map. 

Lyme, nr Disley

Nearest station: Disley

A number of ghostly figures are said to haunt the Lyme estate, both the stately home and grounds. From a white lady who is said to haunt the woods, to the discover of a priest’s skeleton underneath the floorboards in the house, there’s no lack of spooky tales to be discovered here! A bedroom on the upper floor is even known as the “Knight’s Room” or “Ghost Room”.

Lyme is a scenic 30 minute stroll from Disley station, along the well signposted Gritstone Trail. Check opening times here.


Ladybower Reservoir

Nearest station: Bamford

Ladybower Reservoir is famous as the site of the  “Dambuster” practice runs during the Second World War, and is still used for RAF training exercises today. A number of people have reported seeing historic “ghost planes” in the area, including a Lancaster Bomber and Douglas Dakota – are these a mirage, or a close encounter with history?

From Bamford Station you can walk along the level, well surfaces Thornhill Trail to Ladybower Reservoir. Click here for a walking route by Let’s Go Peak District.

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